Trading Terms and Conditions

1. Preliminary Provisions

  1. Roger: Intelligent Timetable Generating (hereinafter Roger) is an application designed and provided by the company IS4U, s.r.o., seated in Brno, U Vodárny 2a, post code: 616 00, IČ: 292 05 336, incorporated in the Commercial Register under the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Entry 65487 (hereinafter Provider of Application, Provider or IS4U). Roger is an application which enables universities and colleges to effectively and automatically generate timetables for regular classes of their students using the supplied input data – fundamental information provided by competent staff.
  2. Roger, the software application, is protected by copyright pursuant to the legal order of the Czech Republic, incl. the international treaties binding for the Czech Republic. The copyright is in possession of the company IS4U, s.r.o.

2. Method of Provision and Use of the Application

  1. To secure operation, the application requires the Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 OS environment or later and a computer with a configuration equivalent to the double of the minimal requirements of the current OS.
  2. The actual application is available for download free of charge at the Provider’s websites –
  3. The free of charge version of the application allows you to try out all functions of the program. However, the number of classes (timetable entries) you can work with is limited to 180 within a single project. This limit can be rid of by using the paid version (for charged services see below).
  4. Collection of data, timetable generating and its export are all free of charge and are possible on condition the application has been installed on the end user’s host computer. The size of the generated timetable is only limited by the capacity of the computer and the operation system used. Nevertheless, the number of displayed and exported classes in the free version is limited according to the article above; in the paid version it depends on the extent of licence purchased.
  5. User of the application is always deemed to be a natural or a legal person, which is in charge of the installation and operation of the application at their computer. The user himself is responsible for the installation of the product, entering the data in the system using any of the defined methods – manual, import from the file, or import from the University Information System – for generating and timetable editing as well as for data output – export to the file, or export to UIS. The user himself is entirely in control of data sharing through cloud projects and sharing these projects with other users using built-in user management.
  6. Free of charge download, installation and operation of the application do not entitle the user to trainings, consultations or modifications in the application. However, the Provider may choose to provide all the stated services based on prior agreement free of charge or for an agreed amount.

3. Liability, Rights and Obligations

  1. The Provider bears no liability if the user is not able to use the application for technical reasons on the user’s side, e.g. insufficient hardware or software configuration of the computer systems. The Provider can neither be held liable for damage inflicted by a loss of the user’s data stored in the system resulting from interference by the user or another person using the software following the user’s instructions, nor for making the data accessible to a third person caused on the user’s side. The Provider can also assume no liability for a loss of data incurred by unprofessional or absent back up of the user’s data.
  2. The Provider guarantees the user that in the free version of the application the data saved in the cloud project will be stored there at least 30 days from the last access to the cloud project. The Provider guarantees one user, i.e. natural or legal person, disregarding the number of cloud accounts, that he will store no more than 10 MB of data free of charge. The amount of projects and data exceeding this limit may be charged or removed at the Provider’s volition. The Provider is obligated to notify the user of terminating his cloud account or removing the data by email no later than 10 working days in advance.
  3. The Provider is entitled to terminate provision of cloud services to the user who obstructs or jeopardizes safe operation of Roger, or who assumes a different natural or legal person than he really is, or who attempts to obtain the source code of the application, or in any other way tries to compromise Provider’s copyright. The Provider is not obligated to notify the user acting in the above stated manner of terminating his registered account or removing his data in advance.
  4. The Provider bears no liability for unintentional cut-offs in providing the cloud services for technical reasons. However, he commits himself to do his utmost to resume operation of the Roger application in the shortest time possible.
  5. The Provider cannot be held liable for any errors, faults or backlogs in the free version of the application used by the user.

4. Charged Services

  1. If the user intends to use the application in full (more classes or users), he can order the paid version of the Roger application at the Sales Department of IS4U and make a payment according to the Price list included in Section 5 of these Trade Terms and Conditions and in compliance with the payment agent’s Trade Terms and Conditions, or make the payment in the way as agreed with the Sales Department of IS4U.
  2. An order sent to IS4U is deemed to be a binding order of the charged services. As soon as the user’s payment has been credited to the Provider’s account, he provides the user with a licence key which allows transforming the free version into a charged version. This licence key is intended exclusively for one natural or legal person and it identifies this person and his invoice in the Provider’s database. At his discretion, the Provider can provide this licence key prior to receiving the user’s payment, however, this fact makes no assumption about the status of payment and does not discharge the user from his obligation to pay for the application.
  3. Tax document will be issued and sent electronically to the email address stated on the order within 10 working days. The Provider is a VAT payer in the Czech Republic. The user is liable for supplying accurate identification and tax information on his order; the Provider bears no liability for incorrect calculation of VAT when inaccurate information has been supplied.
  4. Once the user receives the licence key, the product and the services are deemed delivered and accepted regardless of whether or not the licence key was used in any of the applications for registration. The customer can cancel his order, but only until he receives and accepts the licence key. The licence key is delivered in an envelope with a licence certificate containing the licence key, or electronically in the application and gets then accepted through the first registration using the key.
  5. The acquired licence (physically represented by the licence key) is not transferable and not intended for further sale. Updates, extensions and modifications of the licence can only be made to the original licence holder.
  6. In order to identify the user in the Provider’s support system, the form of the licence key as displayed in the information window ‘About application after insertion of the licence key’ (licence key less the last group of characters after the last dash) will suffice. This way the rightful licence holder can differentiate the licence key necessary for installation (full version) from the licence key needed for user identification to provide support services (partial version).
  7. In order to identify the user in the Provider’s support system, the form of the licence key as displayed in the information window ‘About application after insertion of the licence key’ (licence key less the last group of characters after the last dash) will suffice.
  8. All trainings and further extensions are provided to the users of the paid versions based on the Provider’s decision. However, users of the paid versions have priority in dealing with problems, trainings and further development over users of the free versions. Based on the Provider’s decision, such trainings and extensions are subject to charging.

5. Price List

  1. Price of the application is calculated with regard to the number of application users and the maximum number of classes that can be processed in one project by one user.
    For details see the price list.
  2. The number of application users is defined as the number of application installations at a single computer with the required OS installation that were active at least once within any 30 days in a row.
  3. Prices are stated excl. VAT per one licence with max. number of users and classes placed on the corresponding axes of the price list table.
  4. The purchase of the application licence entitles the user to claim evident defects and backlogs in the application detected against its help, documentation or promotion information within a period stipulated in the relevant law (for natural persons the purchase is made under the Civil Code, for legal persons it falls under the Commercial Code).
  5. The user is entitled to purchase the licence along with the “Roger Service Support” service for the price list price amounting to 20% of its purchase price, excl. VAT. This service entitles the user to automatic update of the application to the latest version within 1 calendar year of the licence issuance. The running “Roger Service Support” service is automatically extended by 1 calendar year as of the licence issuance annual date for the original purchase price at the time of the first purchase of the licence based on the invoice issued by the Provider. The user may terminate the automatic extending of the service by sending the Provider a letter of notification at no later than 30 days before the current running service is due to end. Terminated extension of the service after its expiration may be restored only by purchasing new licence.

6. Claims

  1. Claims regarding non-functionality of the application, breakdowns of the cloud service and claims of the payments and tax documents must be made instantly on their detection by means of email notification to the Provider at In case of payments and tax documents claims this period is limited to 30 days on making the payment or delivering the document.

7. Protection of Personal Details

  1. The Provider undertakes that no information entered in the application will be made accessible to third persons and that he will prevent leakage of this information from the cloud projects storage.
  2. The Provider then undertakes to treat the consigned personal details pursuant to the provision of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on protection of personal information, as amended.
  3. The user expresses his approval with processing the personal details.
  4. The user may withdraw his approval with processing the personal details in writing, by sending a withdrawal notification to the IS4U, s.r.o. headquarters.
  5. The User agrees with receiving electronic information about services and products of IS4U, s.r.o. and further offers; this agreement can only be revoked by sending a written notification to IS4U, s.r.o. headquarters.

8. Concluding Provisions

  1. All contractual relations related to using the Roger application have been concluded in compliance with the provisions of Clause 1751 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as Civil Code).
  2. If the contractual relationships regarding the usage of the Roger application include international elements, the contractual parties agree that such relationships abide by the legal order of the Czech Republic. The consumer rights resulting from the generally binding legal regulations are not affected.
  3. The contractual parties (the User and the Provider) agree to settle their conflicts at a common court having subject-matter and local jurisdictions at the Czech Republic.
  4. These Trading Terms and Conditions become effective on 1st January 2014 until further notice. The Provider reserves the right to change or modify these conditions any time in the future. Any void or partially void provision herein does not affect the effect of the rest of the sections of these Trading Terms and Conditions.