1. Gather

Enter requests by teachers, requests for rooms and their time restrictions, either manually or by transfer from the external information system or the University information system.

2. Generate

With a single click you can generate a timetable that is shared with others and easily edited directly in the application.

3. Go

The final timetable can be exported to a file, to an external information system or transported to the University information system.

  • It facilitates the administration with preparation, creation and electronic recording of timetables at university.
  • It respects the requests by teachers, for courses, rooms, areas and their time and other restrictions.
  • It allows manual data entering, import from external information system or interconnection with the University information system.
  • Final timetable can be further edited directly in the desktop application.
  • Outcomes can be exported to an external information system or used directly in the application.
  • Fill in the registration form on this page to receive your installation package.